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About US

1.We are a technology company

Yeswego is a technology company devoting to flights SAAS system, hotels SAAS system, and payment solution.

2009-2012, applying core SEO tech and flights&hotels data management.

2013-2014, going live price comparison system of flights commission collection&calculation, system of flights and hotels interface management.

2015-2016, developing inventory of flights&flights, and the price comparison system of fare collection&calculation.

2017-2018, having competing products management system, price and service models, Chinese-Simplified version, traditional Chinese, English Version of H5 website and the APP.

2.We are a Service company

Yeswego core operation team has almost 10 years experiences of flights&hotels reservation and service, and customers will get great guarantee of before-sales and after-sales.

The operation team consists of data department, reservation division, ticketing division, reissue&refund division and complaints division.

At present, Mandarin and English is the main service language, and Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish will be supported in the future.

3.We are a global-resources integrating and price comparing company

Global resources integrating:

Yeswego integrates global resource of more than 300 airlines and 400,000 hotels, and has suppliers in more than 50 countries and areas all over the world such as US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and main China (the top 100).

Auto price comparing:

The prices on the airline official website and at the agents, on the hotel official website and at the contractors will be compared automatically. For one specific flight and date, hundreds prices will be compared to offer the lower price to the customers. And for one specific hotel and date, hundreds of prices will be compared automatically to offer the better price and service to the customers.

South Africa company:SA Yeswego (pty) LTD