Booking Policy

1.Passanger information

1.1Name&ID :It is important that you submit correct passenger names and ID details when making a booking. Any difference in the names you submit when booking and the names printed on the passenger’s ID and will result in the passenger being unable to board the plane. Remember to bring a valid government-issued photo ID with you to check-in,a invalid ID will result in the passenger being unable to board the plane.In these events, yeswego will bear no responsibility.

1.2Contact Info:Please correctly and carefully enter your contact details and ensure that you remain contactable, so that we can contact you, and can inform you of any changes to your flight. If due to an error on your behalf we are unable to contact you and there is a change to you flight, yeswego will bear no responsibility.

1.3 Visa Info:Please check whether your visa complies with the relevant policies of your destination country and any transit countries. Failure to obtain the correct documentation may lead to you being being unable to board the plane. Please only purchase tickets after confirming this information.In this event,yeswego will bear no responsibility.


2.1Change:Once confirmed, airline change penalties and restrictions apply. making changes to flight bookings,please contact us by phone at 852-8192-5993 for our assistance in making changes.

2.2Cancellations:Every booking made on yeswego is subject to cancellation charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class.Some booked fares may be non-refundable per the specific airline's policy.Tickets can be cancelled by contacting us by phone at 852-8192-5993 , or by using the website to submit your refund request, our customer service will handle it online or contact you .

2.3Change&Cancellations:Tickets must be used in the designated sequence.

3.No Show

The Airline reserves the right of admission or boarding for onward or return flight, in case the customer fails to board any segment of the travel for his itinerary. yeswego shall not be responsible or liable for such refusal of admission or boarding.

4.Infant ticket

To avail of infant fares, an infant must be under 24 months throughout the entire itinerary you are booking. This includes both onward and return journeys. If the infant is 24 months or above on the return journey, you'll need to make a separate booking using a child fare.Infants must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age.