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Do you know the Refer&Earn programme of Yeswego?

With Yeswego’s Refer and Earn programme, you not only earn when the people referred by you sign up with Yeswego, but also when someone referred by them registers.

Come and ask your friends to download the Yeswego app and sign up using your referral code, and earn the amazing benefits and rewards.

Programme Rules:

There are two tiers of the Refer and Earn:
Tier 1 : Your friends and family; the people you referred to sign up on Yeswego.
Tier 2 : People referred by your friends and family to sign up on Yeswego.

Rewards :

Rewards by Registrations: You win Yes Mali whenever a Tier 1 or Tier 2 contact registers on the Yeswego app.

Tier 1 :These rewards are won when a friend or family member (Tier 1 individual) registers on the Yeswego app using your referral code. Your account gets credited with 50 Yes Mali when this happens.

Tier 2 :These rewards are won when someone referred by your friend or family (Tier 2 individual) registers on the Yeswego app using their referral code. Here, you get 25 Yes Mali with every sign up.

Rewards by Booking :You win Yes Moolah whenever a Tier 1 or Tier 2 contact books a flight ticket with Yeswego.

Tier 1 : After registering with Yeswego using your referral code, if any of your friends or family books a flight ticket with Yeswego, you win a reward of 7 Yes Moolah.

Tier 2 :If someone recommended by your friend or family books flight tickets with Yeswego, you earn 3 Yes Moolah.

The Refer&Earn Steps:

Install Yeswego APP
Create a free account
Sync your contacts
Earn rewards

Yes Mali:Yes Mali are points which are credited to your account when you sign up on Yeswego or whenever someone signs up using your referral code. These points are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of issue.

Yes Moolah:Yes Moolah is a virtual currency which can be used to book flight tickets and enjoy discounts on bookings. Yes Moolah has no expiration date and you can keep it as long as you wish or withdraw it into your bank account.

How to earn Yes Mali?

Sign up on Yeswego and start earning Yes Mali from the get-go. You can earn 100 Yes Mali for your first time registration.

Refer Yeswego to friends and family, and earn Yes Mali whenever someone registers using your referral code.

How to earn Yes Moolah?

1.Get additional Yes Moolah every time you make a booking and the ticket is guaranteed and issued. The more tickets you buy, the more Yes Moolah you get.

2.Avail Yes Moolah various cashback offers. All the cashbacks you earn are instantly added to your member account as Yes Moolah.

3.Whenever someone signs up on Yeswego using your referral code and books flight tickets on Yeswego.

What are the benefits of Yes Mali?

Yes Mali can be used to pay a part of your booking price when you purchase the tickets at Member Discount price. Please refer to the product quotation list for the amount of Yes Mali you can use in one booking.

What are the benefits of Yes Moolah?

1.There is no limit on how much Yes Moolah you can use in one booking. You can even pay your entire airfare using Yes Moolah.

2.When you don’t see yourself travelling anytime soon, you can transfer Yes Moolah to your bank account and spend it the way you like. A small fee may be charged for this transaction by your bank.

(The non-ZAR currencies cards are not available for transfer-to-bank-account option)